The World Needs More People Like You

The World Needs More People Like You

help others for better world

Message From The Universe For You

The world needs more and more people like you, people who want to live their dream and who want to help others.

You must live your dreams because in the process of living your dreams you learn the wisdom of the Universe. You rise after every fall and you understand the power of motivation and inspiration.

At times of difficulty when you run out of resources, you get help from strangers and that makes you realize the power of help and support.

At times of losing hope, you hear a story of courage and you find your own desire to move ahead in spite of all challenges.

And at times of facing a complex problem of life, a mentor or a teacher help you find a simple solution to the complexities of life.

You must live your dreams not just to build your abundance but to understand the true wisdom of your life.

Though the journey of life and the opportunities for learning never comes to an end, you must start helping others on their own journey now.

Your journey, your learning, and your resources can help many dreamers live their dreams.

The way Universe helps you to live your dreams through others help, support and guidance, now it’s the time for you to start becoming that instrument of help in others life.

Offer what you can and support with what you have. Some of you can offer your advice and wisdom, some other can offer their time and support while someone else can give their money and resources, whatever you can go ahead and offer the support ahead. Don’t give something out of sacrifice, but do it with happiness and joy.

You must live your dreams and you must help others in living their dreams.

Every moment there is at least one person looking for a helping hand, seeking a word of encouragement, wants to hear an inspirational story at the time of failure, seeking a little of your time and resources, and looking for a simple solution to the complex problem of his or her life.

Go ahead help them. Don’t count how many lives you can touch, even if you can touch one at a time, do it and keep doing it one by one. There will be a day you will see an ocean of people telling you that you have changed their lives and that day you will see God smiling in the sky.

At that moment, you will hear a voice saying “here is an Ordinary Soul lived an Extra-Ordinary Life”.

The world needs more and more people like you who want to live their dreams and help others.

The Universe

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11 thoughts on “The World Needs More People Like You”

  1. Thank you Ajay Mishra Sir. It is again very inspiring and motivating creation of you which is showing the right direction to lead our lives in more happier way. I myself believe that I feel lot more happy in giving a gift than on receiving it,I feel quite blessed when someone says to me thanks for inspiring me or helping me out. Thanks zillion times again. You are always a light in our lives whenever darkness tries to come

  2. Hi ajay thank you so much for helping selflessly. I have a weird question to ask, can u please tell me how to use law of attraction for clearing face. May be u can add some missing ingredients because I have failed after multiple attempts. My marriage is on the way and I have big red pimples on my face. Please help! No cosmetics and herbal products are even working.i will be very grateful to you

    1. Hi Parul ..thank u for your appreciations. I would suggest you to read my post on Self-Healing and that process has helped in curing cancer and moreover that will make you a magical person too. So please read the post and everything I have written with every details. That will help you for sure.

      Thanks a zillion.

  3. Thank You So much Awesome AJ for this Post…..all the people who are taking your guidance, reading ur posts are the blessed ones….including me :)….It is really inspiring post …Thank You Thank You Thank You !

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