Happiness Is God’s Medicine To Heal Your Life

Happiness Is God’s Medicine To Heal Your Life

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Message From The Universe For You

Happiness is your natural state. It is your inner nature that has been gifted to you from birth.

Happiness is not just a state of mind, but it is the true elixir of life.

A happier heart can heal a dying body, but a broken spirit can vanish life from even a healthy body.

Happiness is the true medicine created by God.

Everything in this Universe works with the law of attraction. The law of attraction is what you focus and feel the most you attract the most.

The happier you feel, the more success and abundance you will achieve.

The more happiness you cultivate, the more magic you will experience in life.

On the quest to dream, most people live in an illusion. The illusion is delaying their happiness.

You want to be happy after becoming successful, making more money and having good health.

But, the Universe works in the reverse direction.

When you become happy, you can achieve more success, more money, and better health.

Happiness is your medicine to every illness you have in your mind, body, and soul.

Are you suffering in any area of life and that it seems impossible to feel happy?

Then start practicing GRATEFULNESS.

Yes, GRATEFULNESS is the starting point of your happy life.

No matter where you are living or how broken your life is, you can always find at least one thing to become grateful. If you can find one thing to be grateful, then you can find even ten things. Once you start counting your blessings your life will change magically.

Your sole purpose in life is to feel more and more happy in every moment of life. Once you start being happy everything will fall into place.

As a human, you have the gift to become happy because happiness is God’s medicine to heal your life.

Whenever you become clueless to find HAPPINESS find one thing to be grateful for. And then one more and then one more and the list will take care of the rest.

Don’t wait for your dreams to come true to become happy but start becoming happy to make all your dreams come true.

Always remember, Happiness is God’s medicine for every struggle of your life.

The Universe

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Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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11 thoughts on “Happiness Is God’s Medicine To Heal Your Life”

  1. Thank you Sir
    After reading this great great article am healed more happy and full of life .Thisis because of you sir your inspirations your guidance always help me in my difficult times .Thank you sir thank you so much.

  2. Thx sir..mostly i feel negative at morning time but when i read your msg at this time then i feel more confident nd happy
    Again thnx… your words are golden words for my life

  3. Gratitude is the bestest way to be happy all the time. The moment u focus on even the tiniest blessings around you and thank Almighty for it, you start feeling the change from within. Then even if negative thoughts pop up, you still feel gratitude towards other things in life. Even in bad situations, one starts to find goodness in it. Then theres no stopping…. Thank you AJ sir for turning around my life.

  4. Hi i would like to know is there a course on visualisation techniques in particular in attracting a specific person or the right partner in ur life thank u

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you Awesome AJ..Your every article gives me so many positive vibrations to my body..I felt somewhat low today..But your articles makes me strong again….. Thank you Universe for awesome awesome awesome Message..Magic dust on everyone

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