The Pursuit of Happiness is Not Selfish

The Pursuit of Happiness is Not Selfish

How to become happy

Message From The Universe For You

Happiness is not something you earned or deserved, but it is your natural state. Happiness is your natural gift from God. Happiness is your healing medicine. And happiness should flow in your life as blood is flowing through your body.

But why most people are unhappy?

If you are not happy, the main reason is you believe that pursuing happiness is being selfish.

Isn’t it?

While many others believe that being happy is a luxury that they can’t afford.

But the truth is these are wrong beliefs.

Happiness is not a luxury, but it’s your natural gift to feel happy all the time.

Happiness is available to all as much as sadness. But most people choose sadness over happiness. Because they feel being happy is difficult.

The truth is every moment you have a choice to become happy or sad. But the negative programming of the mind makes you believe that sadness is your natural state and not happiness.

One of the big reason behind this negative belief is that being happy is being selfish.

In every country and culture, being selfless is considered to be divine. Nothing wrong with being selfless but that doesn’t mean being happy is selfish.

Most of the time your sacrifice for the wrong reason is glorified more than living for the right reason.

When you give up on your dreams for someone, you get recognition for being selfless. But that recognition is just momentary. With time, they forget it and the only person living with the burden of unhappiness is you.

Many a time you don’t work on your dreams because you have to oblige to someone else. They need your time and attention. And you offer your time and focus even if you are not happy doing so. As a result, someone may recognize your sacrifice, but that of no use because you feel unhappy.

Your natural state is happiness, but you keep following things that make you unhappy just to make sure you don’t seem to be selfish.

Always remember being happy is not selfish. And following your dreams is never an act of selfishness.

If you don’t do what makes you happy, if you don’t follow your dreams, you become unhappy. With time, you start blaming the people who make you sacrifice that you never wanted. And then you develop so much negativity that you will give it to others. You will start expecting others to sacrifice their dreams and happiness.

Slowly you become one of them who believe being happy is being selfish.

Rise above this negative belief; wake up from this sleep to start a new day in a new way. Start a journey that recognizes happiness. Start a journey that appreciates who follow their dreams. And start a journey where you create your life.

If no one around you is like you, don’t be worried, the Universe wants you to take the first step with happiness. The Universe wants you to be the Warrior of Happiness, who can put every effort to build a happy life.

Always remember,

Happiness is your natural state, and the key to your joyful life is by following your dreams happily.

The pursuit of happiness is not a selfish act; it is the divine journey that you must start today.

The Universe


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  1. Thanks a zillion AJ for such an awesome article Yes yes yes Iam happy .iam feeling blessed….Thank you Thank you Thank you universe

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