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How To Manifest Dreams with Law of Attraction – Podcast

Hello, Awesome People

Today, I am sharing the first audio podcast for all of you. Couple weeks back, I was interviewed by a dynamic author and personal branding expert Bernard Kelvin Clive for his weekly podcast channel. Bernard is from Ghana and one of the leading branding expert across Africa. His podcast features amazing people from around the globe and it’s a pleasure to be on his show.

We have discussed:

  • My Journey with Law of Attraction.
  • What is Law of Attraction and how it works?
  • How I manifested my first dream job after getting introduced to the Law of Attraction.
  • The Magic of Gratitude.

Gratitude is Magic, it can change your life

But the most powerful wisdom I shared when Bernard asked me “How To Manifest Dreams with Law of Attraction?”

He asked me, how anyone can start using Law of Attraction immediately to their advantage?

How can they manifest anything and everything they desire?

And in this podcast, I have shared the most powerful

4-Steps Success Formula of Law of Attraction.

Yes, these 4 steps are the most powerful formula for making Law of Attraction work and attract anything and everything you want.

Listen to this podcast till the end and discover the “4-Steps Success Formula of Law of Attraction”.

Time for you to know “How To Manifest Dreams with Law of Attraction?” 

Have you enjoyed the interview?

How did you like listening to Awesome AJ?

Thanks a zillion Bernard for this awesome interview.

If you love this podcast share your comments and feedback.

If you want to listen more of my Universal wisdom in the audio podcast, then do share your views. Also, share what are your interest topics or areas on which you love to read or hear more.

Thanks a zillion everyone for listening to Awesome AJ and does follow the 4-Steps Success Formula of Law of Attraction in your life.

AJ’s Awesome Action Plan To Manifest Your Dreams with Law of Attraction

1. Understand the Law of Attraction Process

Listen to the audio podcast and understand the law of attraction process.

Remember it’s no just Ask-Believe-Receive.

It’s more than that ASK-BELIEVE-GIVE-RECEIVE.

2. Plan Your Dreams

Analyse your major dreams and write it in the form of Ask-Believe-Give-Receive.

Check which part is clear to you and which part is not.

3. Action is Important

Taking action is very important for dreams. But make sure it’s inspired action. So list down what’s are the Inspired Action you plan to take for your dreams.

4. Ready to manifest your dreams

Follow the process with all your heart and soul and manifest your dreams.

Quick Activity: Write in the comment section “I am ready to manifest my dreams. I am Asking my dreams to the Universe. I am believing in my Dreams. I am taking inspired actions and I am receiving all my dreams. Thank You Universe.”

May the Universe fulfil all your dreams.

Awesome AJ

Universal Wisdom To Fuel Your Motivation.

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