5 Law of Attraction Manifestation Principles That Will Change Your Life

5 Law of Attraction Manifestation Principles That Will Change Your Life

quick manifestation principles

Do you want to manifest all your dreams quickly using the law of attraction?

Or you often wonder, How can I manifest my dreams as quickly as possible?

Great, quick manifestation does exist, and it happens to people too. But if you want it, then please hold on. You need to first understand the process and principles of quick manifestation. The Law of Attraction, or the Universal Process, works upon certain principles, and today I am sharing with you the process of quick manifestations.

Many people live their whole lives miserable because they want everything quickly, and in return, they almost get nothing.

If you have a desire and you want to make it happen in a day or week, then you are not trusting the creation process; you are not understanding the universal way of working.

If you want something, then you must have patience and let your dream take its perfect shape.

Don’t just want something quick; if you want something or desire something, then you must have faith in the universe.  When you have the patience to let the creative process work for you,

And while waiting for it with patience, you need to have positivity within you.

Why is positivity needed?

If you are waiting for your dreams but getting negative and desperate, that will break the creation process, and you won’t get your desired manifestation.

Then you will ask yourself, “Why are my dreams not coming true?”

At times, even if you get it, you lose it very soon. Do you know why? Because you didn’t give it enough positive energy to take its perfect shape.

Quick Manifestation Process of the Universe: The Law of Attraction Secret

Everything in this universe has a creation process—the time in which the energy comes together to create feelings, objects, or whatever you desire. If you keep worrying or interfering with the creation, then you will either stop the process or damage it.

The creation time is different for everything; that’s why, while you can manifest something in a day or hours, something else even takes years.

That’s the process of the universe, and you have to trust it patiently. Because, before every quick manifestation, the soul of the universe takes time.

A few years ago, I was living in Beijing, China, and I heard a story from a gentleman about bamboo. Later, I did read about it also, and probably you may have heard the same, but let me share the story again.


quick manifestation process of Chinese Bamboo Tree


Chinese Bamboo Story: A Story of Patience, Persistence and Hard Work

There is a breed of bamboo available in China that is considered to be the tallest in the world. It grows up to 98 feet in just 4 weeks.

Wow, isn’t it awesome that a bamboo tree grows 98 feet in just 4 weeks? It seems like a super quick result.

But the story behind this is really powerful.

When this bamboo gets planted, it needs to be watered and nurtured during the growing season, yet there is no visible progress in the first year. The farmers did the same—watered, nurtured, and took care of it the next year—but no outward progress happened. The same process continues for four years, yet there are no signs of visible growth on the ground.

That seems frustrating, right? Four years of working and caring, yet not even an inch of visible progress.

Then something amazing happened in the fifth year.

At the beginning of the fifth year, the bamboo started shooting up from the ground and with surprising progress, it grew to become 90 to 98 feet tall in just 4 weeks.

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

Anyone who sees the four weeks of growth of the bamboo must feel “Wow what a tree is this, it is manifesting its sky-height in just four weeks.”

But, if you only see the progress of the last four weeks then you are seeing just 10% of the story. The farmer who put all the hard work into the first 4 years with faith that it will grow at the beginning of the fifth year knows everything about patience, persistence, and hard work.

Also, the farmers say that if they stop watering or nurturing the plants at any time during the first four years, then the plant will die and will never become a tree.

When I asked that person why it takes so long, why it takes four years, the man replied, you can’t grow tall without making your foundation strong.

These bamboo are 90 feet high, so to hold up a structure of such magnificent height, it needs to have massively strong roots into the ground to hold the tree stand on it. If the bamboo doesn’t grow enough roots either it will never grow so high or it will get uprooted from the ground by its weight.

That’s another powerful piece of wisdom the bamboo tree shared with us.

The bamboo tree story is a true example of quick manifestation and how the forces of nature take the time to let the creative process be perfect to let you handle the fruits of life.

5 Quick Manifestation Principles That You Must Remember: Lesson Learned From The Chinese Bamboo Story

1. Quick Manifestation Does Exist:

The bamboo growing up to 90 feet in just four weeks is truly an example of quick management, indeed an amazing one. Like this, your manifestations of happiness, health, wealth, a dream job, and love can happen super quickly.

2. Every Manifestation Has A Creation Time:

Like the bamboo, took 4 years before it started shooting up the sky, similarly, your dreams have their own manifestation time. You must remember that you may not know the creation time for your dreams and that’s fine, but have faith in the Universe.

3. Have Faith and Patience In The Creation Process:

Like the farmers have faith in the process, you must have faith in the Universe that if you desire something and keep nurturing your dreams, certainly it will come true. Have the patience to see the result, like the farmer’s watering and nurturing, you must give your best every day towards your dream with planning, visualization, affirmations and put actions to work every single day, whether you see any result or not.

4. Understand, Why It’s Taking Time:

Like the bamboo takes 4 years to grow its roots so strong and deep that it can hold its skyrocketing success. Same way, if your dreams are taking time, understand that it’s the time for you to develop and grow your roots so that you can hold up your success.

5. You Have To Believe In It Before You Can See It:

Most people lose their patience because they want to see the result super quick. If others ask you “Why your dreams are not coming true?” And if you get frustrated then you will never achieve your dreams. You have to trust the universal process. You must have the patience till it will come true. You have to show your love, faith, and patience even before you can have it.

Most importantly you have to trust the Universe before your manifestation comes true.


Quick Manifestation does happen in this magical Universe and you are destined for it. If you want love, happiness, a job, health or wealth, you can manifest it all. Even you can manifest it all quickly. But to reach that quick manifestation state you must have faith in the Universe. You must have the patience to let the creative process take place. And you should be ready to take action to nurture your dreams.

All your dreams are ready to come true. They will come true if you have faith, patience, persistence, and positivity.

If your dreams are not coming true,

If you want to manifest your dreams quickly, then ask yourself:

“What Am I Watering My Dreams With?”

Quick Manifestation of Dreams with law of attraction

Photo Courtesy: www.zenpencils.com

With immense love and gratitude,

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach and Motivational Speaker

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      1. Thank you dear aj to know me the thing which i am feeling within. God say that first you be happy, ful of love and far from attachment and faith and patience and trust then you will have it

  1. Wow!!!! Thank you again for helping me to understand more about our dreams and build a foundation..that really hit home and is one of the main parts of living our dreams…..I really needed to read that..BLESS YOU AWESOME AJ, and again thank you .

    Sincerely, Wendy Willis

  2. Hi Aj I love a guy. Its now 13 years.I saw him when I was in my 1st year of college. We met but due to some misunderstandings we fall apart. In all these years I just tried to forget him. I even had a very bad relationship with the other guy. I dated some other guys to in search of good companion and loving relationship but nothing worked. My first love was there back in my mind. I loved him every sec of my love. Even I had dreams about him that he wanted to be friends with me but following all the logic I resisted my feelings for him. Last year my friend told me about Loa. I did everything thing to have my perfect partner. But didn’t attracted the right one. The wrong ones still approaching me. I got tired upset heart broken. Thn I asked God to help me by this time I got friends with my first love as I had dream about him so I sent him request on Facebook in Nov 2013 and we get in touch with each other this year after meeting all the wrong ones I asked God to help me and few weeks later I wished my first love happy birthday. He got surprised and asked me for my no. Which I gladly shared. Now we chat sometimes happily and even call me. I felt pure and true love for him. So when I visualized he automatically took the place of my dream guy. I tried many times not to see him but all in vain so I stopped resisting and went with the flow. Thn I asked the universe that if he is good for me he will call me and he made call to me the very next day now I m doing everything.. I pray I affirm I have created vision board with two photos of him one with me other alone. I write gratitude journal. All I m asking that am I on the right path whenever I think of him I become happy.I feel peace in my soul when I visualise him with me but I have read so much not to do it with one particular person it’s not right. Thn I become worried that I m on the right path or not what should I do please help

    1. Hi Ania,
      Thank you for sharing whats happening in your life. See there is nothing wrong in doing so many things together till the time you are doing with positivity, gratitude and happiness. If you feel unhappy, sad of desperate thinking why he is not with me then that will be wrong ..else it is perfectly right. If you are doing everything with positivity and utmost faith then don’t give up keep doing it and keep manifesting your love. Things will work perfectly in your life.

  3. pushpa chaurasia

    Thank you so much Ajay sir .
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  5. AJ. By tomorrow Im definitely gonna arrange d strings. To enrolled d magic course. I HV DT gutt feelings
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  6. Thank you soo much. I thought that all my dreams are over. But this gave me hope and a motivation to dream again. Thank you.. :)

      1. Thank you. Your posts are really inspiring and motivating. But,There are people who asking me to give up, putting pressure on me , telling me because of lack of experience, age, I will never be able to do it. I have been unemployed for a year now, I still keep on trying, but some days it gets worse what should I do?

        1. Athira.. there will be naysayers.. and they will want to give up .. but why should you give up ..it’s your life. it’s your dream and never stop until you reach your destination. The Universe wants you to succeed and some day everyone will go amaze with your success.

  7. Thank uuuuuuu so much,,,,
    and i want share somthing to u…..
    4 august was my breckup day with my love one…..and thn i was damn upset….thn i here about law of attraction & apply this in my life…i forget all his mistaks and always think possitive things about our relationship….now what…today is 24 sept….. my patchup day, he came back to me……… & m soooooooooo happy,….. a bog thanxxxxxxx to u aj……. :)

  8. Diksha srivastava

    Thanks a lot sir for posting this.
    Thanku universe
    but i have a deadline for my dreams. after that i would have to give up on my dream. its already very late and now i have come to know about this universe law. that is why i want my dream to be fulfilled super quickly. what should i do

  9. You are realy awesomeaj and you meat me at a very appropriate time. My thanking you a million times will not be enough.I am a strong believer that no one can do anything wrong with me.But rrcently i was a little down your posts helped me a lot. I am gratefull to you. Thankyou.

  10. Thank you,it’s a great truth about the story of the bamboo.it gives

    insight into the the concept of Manifestation. It brings the need of

    Patience,Persistence and Practice. Thank you, Thank you….Thank you

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Karthick Janardanan

    This is an incredible post. I am undergoing the Law of Attraction course and it has brought the visible changes in me. The Gratitude Journal and positive affirmations are making me to see the life in a different perspective. Thank You Awesome AJ.

  13. awesome story of bamboo tree…Thank you very much Ajay sir…
    I want to share one thing that I want to join 28 magical practice course for that I need money…and yesterday I got a source of money which I had since last year but was not into my consideration…but the most amazing thing is that yesterday I wanted to check amount of money into my bank account…I remembered that it must be only 61 rupees ( I’m a student :P)…and to check the money in my account I thought to check my last transaction message in my mobile but don’t know how I forgot…but amazing thing is that today when I came out after taking bath my phone beeped and it was a message “available balance in your account is 461.50” I am super amazed….I am quite sure that there was only 61 rupees left after my last transaction….its amazing…:) :)

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    This post is awesome as ever
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    Wowwwww! I can almost visualize it clearly how its being made to order, just for me !!
    So here i am ,waiting for the envelope of my dreams to be delivered at teh perfect time.
    Everything is falling in perfect Divine timing now
    Can never thank you enough
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    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
    U r awesome☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    1. Thank you thank you thank you Universe…… Thank you thank you thank you my Loards….. Thank you AwesomeAJ sir n team…….. Have faith in Universal process with 1000% of trust, have patience…… All my dreams are ordered in menu given by Universe, the supreme power n I can easily n effortlessly achieve all my Dreams, Goals and Desires………
      Again loddddddssssss n lodddddsssssss of gratitude to you AwesomeAJ sir n team……..

  16. Thank you Aj, everyday your post making my day, I feel good. Now I now I can speed my dreams.
    I’am greateful to have this opportunity. Thank you AJ for inspiring the world. May the Universe continue to more and more and more.


  18. Faith and Patience….key words for manifestation. Really tough in the beginning but when you have some one like you Sir, for guiding every step, it becomes easy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

  19. Thank you for sharing this story AJ. it does help in processing the law and how it works as well as underline the importance of faith and trust. I will keep this story fresh in my mind to combat any low points I may incur while manifesting my dreams. Peace and blessings. Kevin

  20. Each and every post that you make AJ is truly inspiring and uplifting.

  21. poonam shankarlal shivnani

    This post was really interesting .. One can see the success very clearly but base of hardwork, persistence, patience , positive attitude in every situation ,, nobody sees..
    Thank you Universe and Ajay Sir for this opportunity.
    Tons and Tons of Gratitude and Love.

  22. Rajendra Raosaheb Sabale

    Thank you thank you thank you Sir, what a perfect time to read the bamboo story, I have read it many times, but it never struck me, today as I woke up, I was starting to feel Low coz some money I was manifesting till yesterday did not happen, and I instead of gratitude mood, I was feeling scared, but you lifted my spirits and yes i will be grateful and thankful for the universe it will help me at the right time, thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful guidance sir

  23. This 21 Day course has been a great Journey for me. The Summum Bonum of all articles is one must have FAITH in the working principles of this Magical Universe. I m on the 16th Day of the Course. So many confusions are cleared. Thanks AJ. You are a Great Man. All the Best for your future Endeavours.

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