This week in the Stay Positive Stay Strong Program, our focus has changed from tools and strategies to the core concepts of Law of Attraction for self-growth and self-development. These concepts are of paramount importance. Because when you have a clear understanding of these concepts, you will be able to use the Law of Attraction tools and strategies effectively and enhance your manifestation capability.

The dream manifestation process has three important concepts:

The first step covers Dreams Big and Believe in Your Dreams that you learned yesterday i.e. Day #16. come true. Today we will learn about why it is so important to believe in the Universe and how to align our goals, desires, and dreams with the Universe.

Successful manifesters understand the above concepts thoroughly. Thus they successfully use the Law of Attraction tools and strategies and manifest their dreams. However, people who fail to manifest always fail to believe in their dreams, in the universe and in themselves.

Although they practice many Law of Attraction tools and strategies, unable to create desired results for themselves. Their lack of faith in the Universe brings struggle and confusion.

You must have faith in the Universe when you want to manifest anything. Whether its money, job, relationship, health, business success, or peace of mind. Your faith in the Universe, God or Supreme Power plays an important role. It is the key to your manifestation, your inner power, this is the bridge between you and your dream.

The alignment between you and your dream is created with faith. Because when you have faith, you trust the universe, the higher power, god. With faith you trust the Law of Attraction process, tools, and strategy, you trust yourself. You trust everything.

If you do not trust the Universe, no matter how much hard work you put in or how sincerely you apply the tools and technique, you fail to create an alignment with your dreams. And this mistrust comes from your doubts, limiting beliefs, and confusion.

Many a time, you find yourself in a crossroad of life. That moment you get confused. You find it difficult to believe in the universe, higher power, or god.

How To Believe In The Universe

Always remember that you have the power to create your destiny. But you are not the sole creator of your destiny, you need help from the supreme power, the Universe or God. So you are a co-creator. And to work in sync with the Universe, you must believe in the Universe. Have faith in it. You can strengthen your belief in the universe by:

  • Meditation (Day #7): It brings awareness and clarity in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It lets you connect with the higher power, the source, or the universe.
  • Prayer: It is another way to connect with the supreme power. It is your personal conversation with the universe or god.
  • Affirmation (Day #9): One of the powerful ways to instill faith within.
  • Pranayam or Breathing: This is an ancient technique to cleanse your mind and body and soul.
  • Yoga or Exercise: This brings your mind and body together can create a meditative state.

So you may start with Meditation, Prayer, Affirmation or Yoga. Therefore, these practices are an integral part of this Stay Positive Stay Strong Program.

Today a special video is included in the activity section that gives you a Step by Step Process on how to connect with the universe and get answers.


Here is the step by step process on how to ask the specific question to the Universe and get the answer within 48 hours. This is a powerful law of attraction technique or a spiritual process that all the spiritually realised and highly successful people use all the time, now it’s your turn to use it.


Watch this video to learn the most powerful AFFIRMATION. This affirmation will help you to align yourself with the Universe. You can establish a special connection with the Universe or the God you believe in. This affirmation gives you strength when you find difficult to believe in yourself and your dreams. It will help you to achieve your dreams.

Here is another Affirmation that you can use throughout the day. You can use it as your WhatsApp status. Affirmation


Do this Powerful Meditation first thing in the morning and again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.


Listen to this Mantra while long meditation or just keep it playing while working so that the vibration of the mantra creates more positive energies around you. You can also tune in to this mantra while sleeping.

You may also tune into the SANJIVANI MANTRA Video given on Day #8. At this challenging time listening to this mantra will greatly help you and your family stay strong, positive, safe and healthy.

The SUCCESS STORY of the Day

SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, PEACE OF MIND AND MORE WITH LAW OF ATTRACTION: Today I am sharing this magical story of Priya (name changed). She had been having amazing Law of Attraction experiences and manifested many things like a car, diamond ring, success in career, good health, peace of mind and most importantly happiness.

Click here to read this post. Here are some motivating posts from the Message from the Universe series:

Believe in the Universe. Alignment with the Universe and it will take care of your dreams.

Stay positive and stay strong.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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