The ability to believe in ourselves makes us stay positive and stay strong. This is the core philosophy of this 21 days program to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually strong. A lot of concepts and activities are given to develop a positive and strong self-belief.

When you start believing in yourselves, you enhance your potential to attract tons of opportunities. Whatever you achieved in life so far is the result of your belief that you can achieve it. Whether it’s your job, life partner, starting a new business or financial freedom.

This is the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people always believe that they can achieve their dreams, desires, and goals. However, people who struggle to believe it manifest failure and disappointment.

Even in the Law of Attraction, the most important step in the dream manifestation process is BELIEVE.

If you correct this one step: BELIVE, there is nothing more to do. Watch this video from my flagship program: TRANSFORM YOUR DESTINY on belief.

How To Believe In Yourself

Now we examine why a lot of people struggle to believe in themselves. And if you are doing something that is not right, you must correct it from here onwards.

People not able to believe in themselves because of:

  • Fear: Negative conditioning over the years made your fear stronger than your faith. Fear of failure stops you from taking action.
  • Self-doubt: We all programmed to doubt everything. This lower our self-confidence and self-esteem. And we end up not believing in ourselves, our capabilities and
  • Negative Habits: These are the habits that drain our energy.
    • Negative friends and people who simply discourage you in every aspect of your life. They disbelieve in your capabilities and disapprove of your dreams. Just get rid of them.
    • What you read and watch on a daily basis. If you are feeding your mind with negative thoughts and ideas, then how can you cultivate a positive and strong mindset. Change this habit deliberately.

So here are some steps to follow so that you believe in yourself.

  • Face Your Fear and Doubts With Action: The best way to overcome fear is to take action. Refer to your Revised Action Plan developed on Day #16. This is the. Commit yourself to this plan and start implementing it step by step.
  • Visualise Your Success: Practice visualization on a daily basis. Visualise that you are achieving your dreams. Take help of Day #10 to learn visualisation.
  • Affirmation: This is a very important tool to create positive energy and self-belief. It strengthens your belief in you, your dreams and in the universe.
  • Gratitude: Remember gratitude is the antidote to fear. It changes your perspective on life, makes you positive, focused and productive.

Practice these tools and you will experience amazing results.


This activity is primarily to feel positive and believe in your strength.

  • Relax. Take some deep breaths (5 to 7 minimum)
  • Meditate for 2 mins
  • Take some time to think about:
    • Who you are
    • What you believe in
    • What is important to you
  • Note them down in your journal
  • Match it with your Goals and Action Plan developed on Day #16.
  • Tell yourself that you are committed to your goals and action plans and you believe you are achieving your dreams.

Activity No #2: AFFIRMATION

Read this powerful affirmation: “I ALWAYS BELIEVE IN ME” 10 times loudly with full of energy. Make it your mobile screensaver so that it will remind you to believe in yourself all the time. Use this Affirmation as many times as possible throughout the day.



Do this Powerful Meditation first thing in the morning and again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.


Listen to this Mantra while long meditation or just keep it playing while working so that the vibration of the mantra creates more positive energies around you. You can also tune in to this mantra while sleeping.

You may also tune into the SANJIVANI MANTRA Video given on Day #8. At this challenging time listening to this mantra will greatly help you and your family stay strong, positive, safe and healthy.

The SUCCESS STORY of the Day

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS: This is not just a Law of Attraction Manifestation story but this is a story of unshakable faith. She believed in herself, in her dreams and in the universe. This is about consistent practice of Law of Attraction tools with a positive attitude and following her dream job.

Click here to read this post.

When you start believing in yourself, your life will transform and you can be, have and do whatever you want in life. So start believing in yourself.

Stay positive and stay strong.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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