A positive state of mind is the key to feeling positive and strong. It is the core philosophy of this program. The power of a positive mindset is remarkable. This important for good health and to live a quality life.

Today on Day #19 of Stay Positive Stay Strong Program, we will learn the benefits of having a positive mindset in life. How to think positive and develop an optimistic attitude in life.

Your mindset is essentially your emotional response to life activities. With a positive mindset, you feel confident, happy and healthy. Happy, healthy and positive people think of their goals and how to achieve, most of the time. This doesn’t mean they do not struggle or face challenges in life. However, they stay in control of their emotions even in difficult situations.

Our mind thinks negative and keeps fertilising negative thoughts by repeating negative memories and recollecting negative experiences. This can only be stopped when we deliberately make an effort to stop it.

With a negative attitude and limiting believes we limit our abilities and opportunities. This creates big obstacles in achieving our dreams and goals. Watch this video from Transform Your Destiny Workshop on Limiting Belief. This video has an interesting and powerful story.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

The best part about our mind is that we can train it to think positive and have an optimistic outlook. There are several benefits you experience once you start thinking positive:

  • You focus on your goals
  • You can easily deal with negative and difficult situations
  • You will not allow negative thoughts to dominate and influence your emotion and decisions
  • Free-flowing of feel-good hormone makes you feel happier and lighter
  • Your self-confidence enhanced
  • You feel more confident and capable of taking new assignments
  • Reduce influences of your negative beliefs
  • Experience growth and achieve goals

In nutshell, your life can be changed by harnessing the power of positive thinking.

How to Build A Positive Mindset

Training your mind to think positive can be achieved with some tools and positive practices. Here are some important ones.

  • Positive Affirmations: Repetitive use of positive phrases to get rid of negative thoughts and encourage a positive attitude.
  • Gratitude Practice: This cultivates positive thinking and increases focus on positive things, people and experiences.
  • Practice Positive Self-talk: This involves constant watch of your inner voice or inner talk and responds to it with positive ideas.
  • SOS Technique: A detailed video is given below in the activity section.

Activity No #1: SOS TECHNIQUE

This is a powerful technique to shift your mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. With continuous practice of the SOS Technique, you will experience magical results in a few days.

Activity No #2: AFFIRMATION

Read this powerful affirmation: “I AM A POWERHOUSE OF POSITIVE ENERGY” 10 times loudly with full of energy. You may use it as your mobile screensaver or Whatsapp status.



Do this Powerful Meditation first thing in the morning and again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.


Listen to this Mantra while long meditation or just keep it playing while working so that the vibration of the mantra creates more positive energies around you. You can also tune in to this mantra while sleeping.

You may also tune into the SANJIVANI MANTRA Video given on Day #8. At this challenging time listening to this mantra will greatly help you and your family stay strong, positive, safe and healthy.

The SUCCESS STORY of the Day

YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR MIND TO THINK POSITIVE: Today, we are sharing two success stories of our Awesome Tribe members and their experiences with a positive mindset.

Click here to read this inspiring post. Here are some positive blogs that promote happiness in life:

When you believe in the power of a positive mindset and magnify this power with positive thoughts you will experience positive transformation. So believe in the power of a positive mindset.

Stay positive and stay strong.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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