730 Days of Writing An Inspirational Blog - An Awesome Journey of Motivation

730 Days of Writing An Inspirational Blog – An Awesome Journey of Motivation

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Celebrating Two Years of Writing This Inspirational Blog – Awesome AJ

Today your favorite inspirational blog Awesome AJ completed two years of spreading motivation, inspiration, and message from the universe for you. It is a journey of 730 days of inspirational blogging, and I must say it is an incredible journey into the Universe.

Infinite gratitude to you for all your love and support during these two years. I am grateful to you for reading every single blog posts, sharing it and commenting on it. I must say it is impossible without your love and support to reach thousands of people all over the globe.

Today I am not sharing any wisdom, but I am sharing the story of this inspirational blog and how the journey came so far.

Story of An Inspirational Blog: Awesome AJ

It was March 2013, and I was working happily with Accenture as a Management Consultant in Gurgaon. I had a very successful career and working on a job that is a dream job for many people.

While I was working on this successful career, deep down I was listening to the voice of my soul. The voice was telling me “This is the time to share your learnings and gifts of the Universe with more people.”

What’s the value of your success and experience if you can not share it others so that they can achieve their success?

I had this dream of becoming an inspirational writer and a mentor who will help people in living their dreams. Moreover, the voice within me was telling me again and again that the time is NOW.

So many people wait for the perfect timing and perfect opportunities, but there is no perfect timing to follow your dreams, there is only one perfect timing and that time is NOW.

In March 2013 I have decided that I have to start my inspirational blog to share my learning and experiences with people. I have no idea who will read it or how many people will get benefited from my inspirational blog. I just knew if one person gets inspired, even one person gets his direction to move one step ahead on his journey reading my work then my purpose will be fulfilled.

The days were full of inner conversations and every moment like the Universe was whispering in my ear “Ajay, you are not choosing this path, the path has chosen you.”

It was very early in life I knew that someday I will become an inspirational writer and life coach to help other dreamers in living their dreams. However, I never knew when that SOMEDAY will come.

Though I was doing it for years- helping, guiding and mentoring friends, acquaintances, and even strangers whenever someone seeks my help. I was doing this from senior high-school and college days all through my professional career.

Whatever I was doing, I was doing with passion. Because I always believe that all of us are meant to be happy and successful. Moreover, when I see people sad or depressed or hopeless, I was eager to help them with whatever I can. Most of the time, when I share my story it helped them understand their life. When I told them how my life has changed and how I was able to overcome challenges, it filled them with high motivation to overcome their own.

During all these years, I was passionately helping, guiding and supporting people in living their dreams aside building my career and life. As the years move ahead, the number of people stumbling upon me was growing, and my understanding of the universe was also getting deeper and deeper.

As a result, the motivation and inspiration were touching the sky, I was witnessing more life-changing stories in front of me. Also, I was achieving success easily and experiencing happiness effortlessly.

When you start following your passion, the universe starts talking to you. You started getting signs that it wants you to be on the journey, and that is when everything seems perfectly arranged for you.

By March 2013, the journey has reached a level where I was working every single minute after my office hours in helping, guiding and mentoring people. I was doing with the utmost joy and passion. I knew that this was my passion and mission in life.

It is during this time the Universe started whispering to me “Ajay; you must take it to the next level now. There are much more people around the globe seeking a dose of inspiration. There are people who are looking for someone who can share his or her story in the simplest form. There are more people looking for something to read that will give them hope to follow their dreams. Moreover, you can do it. The time is NOW.”

Till then I knew the best way to inspire people with your writing is by publishing a book. Yes, there is nothing powerful than a book. Of course, it is my dream to publish a book and inspire more people.

However, publishing a book is a journey in itself, and it takes time. So the Universe again started talking “Yes! Ajay book is the best medium, and we will publish much more but what about now. You must start something now to send your gift to the people around. Everyone has a gift but most people keep waiting for the perfect time, and most of them never use it. I do not want you to wait for long. I want you to use it now.”

That is the moment I have decided to start this inspirational blog.

Even a few close friends advise me that inspirational blogging is a very long and slow process, better you write your book and publish it. However, I chose to listen to the Universe over others.

I knew that the book would get published for sure but what about the people looking for a dose of inspiration now. I knew it this is the beginning of my passion and mission in the right direction.

That was March 2013, and my management consulting job was at its peak. If you work with the world’s leading consulting firm means you have to deliver high performance at work. Moreover, I have made something clear very early in my life that whatever I will do, I will give my best.

So there was no point of diverting my attention from work to the blog during the daytime. But I had learned that when you have a passion, you will find all the resource and energy to make it happened.

All through the March month, I used to work at the office from 9 AM until 7 PM and then come back home, get fresh up, and I start working on my blog from 8 PM till 3 AM. The schedule continued every day from 8 PM to 3 AM researching on how to start a blog and what all resources needed.

All-day I worked at the office and all night on the blog and finally on 1st April 2013, I registered the blog www.awesomeaj.com, and that is the beginning of this journey of awesomeness.

Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you want something, it is because that desire originated in the soul of the Universe. It is your mission on earth.

To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. All things are one. When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

These famous quotes from my most favorite book “THE ALCHEMIST” talks about finding our mission on earth.

When we have our mission and work on it with an utmost passion, the whole universe conspires in helping us to achieve it.

I found my purpose and I am working passionately on my mission to help and inspire more and more people around the globe.

When you take your leap of faith, the universe made such an arrangement for you that your journey becomes much more magical every passing day. I must tell you taking the leap of faith is only difficult, not the journey ahead.

When I was working all through the month from 8 PM to 3 AM to start this blog, I never consider that as hard-work because that was not hard work that was my passion. Those are the moments when my mind, body, and soul were in complete alignment with the universe and that when I was finding my bliss.

When you find your joy, it stays with you forever because there is nothing greater than this. The passion only grew with every passing day of this 730 days of writing the inspirational blog.

In return for the leap of faith, I took on 1st April 2013 I got much more love from people around the globe. I never knew I will get so much love in such a small span of time. Now I know people from almost all the countries on earth.

Every day I received tons of emails and messages of love and gratitude for people from all walks of life irrespective of their age, sex, religion, and countries.

Immense gratitude to each one you for all the love you have showered upon me.

This universe connects everyone on the same journey of life.

Love to share what all has happened during this 730 days of Inspirational Blogging.

730 Days Journey to An Inspirational Blog:

  • I have published close to 250 blog posts.
  • Got an opportunity to help and guide people around the globe through online and offline platforms.
  • Able to help 19 people on the verge of suicide to find positivity and purpose in their life. By the blessings of Universe, all of them are living a happy and positive life now.
  • Got a chance to create faith in people that they can heal themselves from severe illnesses and health issue including cancer.
  • Gave a new direction to heartbroken souls to find their perfect partner in life. Also helped many people heal their relationships and manifest happy relationships.
  • Helped people achieve their dream jobs, finding their perfect career and achieve massive success in exams and interviews.
  • Started the Life-changing online program: 28 Magical Practice Course. This course is changing the lives of people around the globe.
  • Achieve massive success in participants’ lives through my flagship programs.
  • In September 2014 I happily left my job with Accenture at the peak of success as a Management Consultant to focus on reaching more and more people through my inspirational journey. Now working happily and passionately as an Inspirational Writer, Life-Coach, and Motivational Speaker.
  • I have met and mentored by world’s top motivational speaker Mr.Les Brown, the great legend himself.

les brown motivational blog

The list is endless. I will share more and more on the journey ahead because this is just the beginning.

A Note of Gratitude

Infinite gratitude to each one of you for all your magical blessings, unlimited love and the devotion to reading and loving this blog to the core. Every bit of success belongs to you.

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You for You the Reader.

Infinite gratitude to our Loving Universe for choosing me on this mission of life. I feel blessed to be picked by you dearest Universe.

I am extremely grateful to my loving parents for always believing in me and my journey. They have always understood and had faith in me especially taking the decision to follow my passion leaving my successful corporate job. Thank You, Papa & Maa. I am also extremely grateful to my elder brother, sister-in-law and my sister for always supporting and helping me achieve my dreams. Blessed to have a family like this.

Apart from my family the people who have made a remarkable difference in my life with everlasting love and support all through this journey.

I am extremely grateful to Bharat Kapoor for being such a great friend and the creative mind behind all our artworks. Highly thankful to Manoj Nair for being a great support on this journey and your inputs are always indispensable. Special thanks to Meihol & Neha, Atul, Shruti, Chantelle, Shanti Ji, Tanya, Aisha, Pooja, Suchi, Sudarshan, Anamika, Aditi, Neha, Tejas, Navleen, and Shehla for all your support in making this blog big.

There are much more people whose name I couldn’t mention here, but each one of you has made a massive effort in making this inspirational blog successful.

A Message to You

If you have dreams then you must follow it. If you have found your passion, go for it. If you are yet to find it, keep looking and don’t settle.

Living your dreams will require dedication, practice, and there will be moments of ups and downs but keep going and don’t stop.

There will be moments of challenges but above all remember that “You have GREATNESS within you.”

Never stop, never go back from your journey and never think that you are less than anyone.

Greatness is not something people born with; they create it with their passion, dedication, and faith in themselves.

I know the day will come when you will be a star shining in the sky and the world will proud of you. Till then keep going and don’t settle.

Time for you to maximize your devotion and unleash your greatness. Start feeling more, start doing more and start doing more on your journey because the whole Universe is waiting for you.

No matter what may come, I am always with you to take you across every obstacle. I am always with you to give you the direction every time you find yourself at a crossroads.

I am always with you even if no one believes in you because I can see Greatness within you.

motivational poster winning

We are living in a magical universe where the universe is always working on our dreams because it is not only our dreams, but it is the universe’s dream.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and to share how this inspirational blog “Awesome AJ” has made a difference in your life in the comment section below.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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27 thoughts on “730 Days of Writing An Inspirational Blog – An Awesome Journey of Motivation”

  1. Hi AJ,

    Thanks for sharing your journey on how you started this blog. It motivates, inspires to follow ur dreams.

    Whenever I feel low or stressed out with different things in my life I read ur blogs, after reading your random blogs I feel motivated and all the negative thoughts vanish in the spur of the moment and again I am back to normal.

    Thanks a ton AJ, you are true inspiration.

    – Manoj

    1. Zillions of Gratitude Manoj ..I am super happy that every moment your feel negative this blog gives you inspiration and energy to go ahead in life.

      Much more success to you.

  2. It was great reading this post, it was phenomenal actually.
    I came to you, just with a wish to have my partner back, I wanted to know a direct and a shortcut way to have her back, I used to think that why this type of things happen to. Me only, why can’t I have her, WHY ME?
    But when I arrived, I saw a crowd, a crowd craving for the same method and techniques, by seeing that I was left shocked by what is happening, I cudn’t understand why people(including me) are being so desperate for whatever they want, it was 30 of April 2014 I started reading your blog posts, while riding it I feel something like being lost as I found new things while going through it and then a post changed my view. I stepped from being someone craving for a shortcut technique to someone who can tell them the truth, a correct way, show the enlightened path and help them walk. It was all through your help, your guidance, your posts that in such a small time I took a giant leap of faith.. I can keep this writing for my whole life and still it will feel less written. So, a grateful thankyou to you my elder brother. I wish a lost and all he best success your way.

    1. Thanks a zillion Surya .. It’s been a wonderful journey and I remember the first email asking for the quick solution. Well, that’s how the Universe make the way the true adventurer in life and I am glad you find your Alladin’s Lamp so early in life. Thank you for all your love and support on this journey.

  3. Hi Awesome AJ.

    Mostly, people are wanting to change their circumstances, bettering their lifestyles, identifying their dreams and in this journey, what we tend to miss is to see the bigger picture of life.
    And that’s what you help to build the “dream of a Bigger life”. Your guidance and words to create those “take home” results which gives life clarity and a push to achieve what one want’s along with life changing experiences and magical moments each day makes you truly AWESOME. Thankyou AJ an Congrats again!

    1. Immense Gratitude Navleen and I have seen you shining with Magic and Stepping up to the Bigger Dreams of Life.. This is the beginning and there is no going back .. Unleash Your Greatness and Live to the Fullest. Thanks a zillion and Super Happy to Mentored you on this journey of life.

  4. saurabh zaveri

    Dear AJ,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. I am truly inspired with it. Thank you so much for making this blog & also making the life of lots of human from failure to winner. Thank you so much AJ for every thing that you were giving to us in last two years. Please keep this journey of helping the people continued till we are not touching every human’s life on this earth. Our best wishes & blessing are always with you & with your awesome work.

    1. Infinite gratitude to you Saurabh. I am extremely grateful for your support and appreciations all this time and yes it will continue and I will publish more and more now. Tons of Success to You.

  5. Anjali Bhojwani

    Hi Awsome Aj

    Immense gratitude to you for starting this journey of helping and motivating people like me. I really feel very very enthusiastic and positive after reading your posts. Just now also i was feeling a bit low few minutes ago and the moment I read your blog I started feeling positive again.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for such an awsome journey .

  6. Thanks a zillion Shailendra for regularly reading this blog. I am passionate about making the wisdom of the Universe simple and I am glad that more and more people loved it. We all are on an extraordinary journey and we must live our greatness. You are doing fabulous. Keep going and live your dreams. You are Awesome.

  7. Thank you so much for dedicating your time and effort in spreading this wisdom AJ! :) Can never be more grateful to be able to constantly learn from you in each and every moment. Keep going AJ! Am already looking forward to the release of your book and of course, attending your talks in person! Sending you an abundance of magic dust for the fulfillment and manifestations of all your dreams!!!

    1. Loads of Gratitude Janice. You have been a great support on this journey and we will create magnificent success and yes the in-person meeting is scheduled for Las vegas, without any doubt. Wishing you massive success ahead in life.

  8. Hi Aj,
    its great you start in INDIA in which ,it must required , Now a day both corporate and general people required more than Positive thinking.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for such wonderful site you start.

  9. AJ Bhaiya !! You are truly, truly awesome!! I was going thru a very difficult time when I first came across your blog. But after I started reading it & following your tips, my life changed dramatically !! Soon after I started writing the gratitude list as u prescribed, magical things started happening. I have been following your blog & tips from Jan 2015, and I am immensely grateful to say that now my life is so beautiful!! Thank you bhaiya so much, I respect you a lot for helping people. My dream is to do something for animals, and I will pursue my dream with the help of universe, and I know, I am getting it soon !!! Once again, thank you thank you thank you !!!

    1. Unlimited Gratitude and I am super happy that you now moving towards your dreams happily and magically. Tons of Success to you. Join the 21 days Journey if you are yet to. Thank You.

  10. Hi Ajay .. I am senthamizh from Tamil Nadu…. I completed ur 21 day course.. I am very eager to join ur 28 days course.. But I am unemployed I am not able to pay plz help me… Thank you thank you thank you…

  11. Deshmukh Shweta

    Hi AJ

    You are awesome indeed :)
    Lots of my doubts about LOA are solved just because of you.

    This month is turning point of my life..

    And I want that turn in my favour..

    I’m reading the magic book right now.. I have started reading it yesterday only..

    But I want to do your course too..

    Can I do both of them simultaneously???

    I’m really confused… :(

    Please tell me what to do..

  12. Thanks Awesome AJ it inspired me a lot and I am changing day by day I came out from the negativity by reading your posts and your videos thank you thank you thank you so much

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